Medical Massage Therapy

What is Medical Massage?

Traditional Massage

Massage has deep roots, documented in the earliest writings of both eastern and western medicine. In the U.S. until the early 20th century, massage was taught in medical and nursing schools and was routine treatment for many muscular issues. Today, medical massage is a return to this traditional understanding of massage as treatment for muscle and other soft tissue conditions and is practiced by specially trained therapists

How is it different?

​Relaxation massage is important for wellness and prevention, but it lacks the focus and precision needed to resolve dysfunction.  ‘Therapeutic’ massage can address localized muscular or fascial issues, but results will be temporary if root causes of pain or dysfunction are overlooked.  Medical massage combines the power of skilled touch with clinically sound protocols into what is often the best treatment available for problems of the body’s muscles and soft tissues.

Is it effective?

Medical massage begins with a careful assessment of the what may be causing pain in order to properly eliminate the actual trigger, not just the current symptoms, so results will last. All techniques used are scientifically based, and the protocols are targeted to get lasting results as quickly as possible. The course of treatment depends on many factors, but 2-3 treatments per week is common. Two to ten sessions may be needed; complex cases may require more time.

Is it painful?

Medical massage is not a painful approach. A key goal is to work with the nervous system, not against it, to lower the sensitivity of pain receptors and allow tissues to normalize. To this end, medical massage is mostly conducted below or just at the first sensation of discomfort. This is diametrically opposed to the “no pain, no gain” approach and the results speak for themselves. This gentle but intensive approach can succeed where other approaches fail.

What is recommended?

​A medical diagnosis is very helpful but not required. We will get clearance from the treating physician if you are referred for medical massage. If you have signs of serious underlying medical conditions, a doctor’s release may be required. Otherwise, medical massage is available with or without a prescription. It can be effective for a wide range of complaints, such as…

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Chronic headaches or neck pain
  • Nerve pain in arms or legs
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sciatica and Piriformis syndrome
  • “tech neck”
  • Localized edema
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Acute muscle spasms
  • …many others!!

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