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Medical Massage

Starting at $85

​Offering 30 and 60 minute sessions. Medical massage is a short term series of clinical services starting with a free consultation. The goal is to get lasting relief from medical conditions. Clients may transition to Swedish or therapeutic massage for maintenance. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Starting at $85

Offering 60 and 90 minute sessions. Manual lymphatic Drainage also known as Lymphatic Massage is highly recommended by most cosmetic surgeons to aide in the recovery process and to enhance the end results. Trained in both MLD and Fibrotic Massage techniques.

Post Surgical

When the lymph drifts out into surrounding tissue after a surgical procedure, it disrupts the normal lymphatic pathways. Swelling is the result. But there are ways to combat this problem.

Raindrop Technique

​Developed based on methods that have been used in energy work for centuries, there’s a reason why the Raindrop Technique massage and the oils used in this unique approach offer a special way to unwind!



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